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What is a Patient Centered Medical Home?

A patient centered medical home is an approach to providing comprehensive primary care for people of all ages and conditions. It is a way for a physician-led medical practice, chosen by the patient, to integrate health care services for that patient who confronts a complex and confusing health care system.

The concept of a "Medical home" was introduced in 1967 by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Since that date, its principles have been widely embraced by The American Academy of Family Physicians, the American College of Physicians and many other health care organizations and advocacy groups.

Accessible, continuous, comprehensive, family-centered, coordinated, compassionate and culturally sensitive cares are the Key components of Patient Centered Medical Home.

Patient-centered: A to Z Pediatrics ensures that there is special relationship between the providers, patients and their families. We respect the wants, needs and personal preferences of our children and their families, and we will provide you with the education and the support to help with decisions in your child’s care.

Comprehensive: A to Z Pediatrics provides a care coordinating team lead by providers who take responsibility for your child’s physical, mental health care needs which include acute and chronic care, as well as preventative and wellness care. In order for us to provide comprehensive and quality care, please be prepared to provide a complete medical history including any new visits to specialists or recent hospitalizations so we may continue to deliver comprehensive care to your child.

Continuous: A medical practice that operates as a PCHM consists of a personal physician leading a team of health care professionals who collectively take responsibility for the ongoing care of the patient.

A whole person orientation is a key component of PCHM. A personal physician/provider chosen by the patient/family is responsible for providing for all the patient's health needs or taking responsibility for managing care with other qualified professionals. This includes care for all stages of life; acute care, chronic care, preventative services.

Behavioral health concerns can be addressed at an individualized appointment with your child's

Selected personal clinician. Depending on your child’s needs, further management and collaboration with insurance approved   Behavioral health   services may be recommended.

Accessible: This enhanced access to health care means the A to Z Pediatrics practice provides patients with options such as open scheduling, expanded hours and various arrangements for communication between patients, the providers, the practice team and office staff.

Patients/families will have access to providers "after hours" and to their medical records 24/7 via a secure patient portal.

A to Z pediatrics providers have a rotating call schedule, and one of them is available after hours by calling the office phone number (727-375-5242) and leaving a detailed message with our answering service.

A to Z pediatrics assures equal access to all patients regardless of source of payment. If you are currently looking for insurance coverage for your child, please contact our office manager for information about obtaining coverage.

Committed to quality and safety: A to Z Pediatrics care team guarantees that Patients / families will have access to evidence based care, patient and family educational materials and self-management tools. We seek quality Improvement measures to enhance the care of your child.

Effective: 04/09/2024

4804 Rowan Rd, New Port Richey, FL 34653


4804 Rowan Rd,
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