Fit4All Kids Program

The practice-based Fit4All Kids Program offered here at A to Z Pediatrics is a 6 month weight management or reduction program for children ages 3 and older.

Goals are to help children:

  1. Maintain a healthy weight or lose weight if needed
  2. Accept a healthy body size
  3. Be more active and Fit

Nutrition Guidelines

The goal of the practice-based program is to instill healthy eating habits in children and their families. A nutritious and balanced diet is one that includes a variety of foods and good portion control. The nutrion components of the program will include a thorough assessment of a child's diet, estimation of calorie needs, and education on healthy eating patterns and portion control. Each child will receive a meal plan, which serves as a guide for a healthier eating lifestyle and will provide a balanced caloric intake designed to achieve gradual weight loss. At each follow-up visit, a practitioner will reassess the child's diet record. The practitioner will identify and discuss with the child and family any obstactles that may prevent a child from achieving weight management or weight loss. The practitioner will provide positive reinforcement, educational handouts, and encouraging incentives to help the child achieve weight management success.

Nutrition Topics

  1. Serving Sizes
  2. Meal Planning
  3. Portion Control
  4. Combination Foods
  5. Fast Foods
  6. Best Beverage Choices
  7. Rewards and Incentives

Physical Acitivity Program Guidelines

How is the Physical Activity program designed?

  • Age Ranges
    • 3-7 years of age
    • 8 years and older
  • Physical Activity Levels
    • Three phases for each age group
    • Goals are set during each phase
    • Duration/difficulty is gradually increased with each phase
    • Exercises will be monitored on activity log and reviewed with provider
  • Types of Physical Activity
    • Strength (STRENGTH)
    • Flexibility (STRETCH)
    • Aerobic Activity/Endurance (STRIDE)
  • Program Essentials
    • Put a limit on sedentary time (computer, TV, internet, video games)
    • Parent/family involvement is crucial
  • Program Flexibility
    • There is no specific timeline, as each child will progress at a different rate, depending on their compliance and their initial fitness level.
    • Readiness for each phase will vary with each child; appropriate handouts will be given the child is ready for the next level.
    • The health care team will review the handouts with the family, discuss goals, and answer any questions.
    • Handouts may be modified if the child has a medical condition that could affect exercise, such as asthma, diabetes, or a heart condition.
    • Specific strengthening or stretching exercises may be contraindicated if the child has orthopedic issues.
    • The health care team will decide if participation in the activities is appropriate.

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